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Why We Are Specialist

The SAYA Sarl is a diversified and fully integrated conglomerate . The Company’s interests span a range of sectors in Cameroon and across Africa. .

The Company’s core business focus is to provide local, value-added products and services that meet the ‘basic needs’ of the populace. Through the construction and operation of large scale manufacturing facilities in Cameroon and across Africa, the Company is focused on building local manufacturing capacity to generate employment, prevent capital flight and provide locally produced goods for the people.

In line with its mission statement, Saya has a rich portfolio of products, which meet the basic needs of Cameroonians. The Group’s products & services and other sectors emcompass: international trading, telecommunication, IT, services, and packaging.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assemble the perfect team and be the catalyst to inspire, incite and augment your existing technological environment for un-paralleled success. Consultec becomes your dream team by giving you and your employees new and unique avenues to success.

Our Value Proposition

Our Vision
To be a world-class enterprise that is passionate about the standard of living of the general populace and giving high returns to stakeholders.

Our Mission

Touch the lives of people by providing their basic needs.

Our core values

Customer service: As a world-class organization, we understand that we exist to serve and satisfy our customers. Accordingly, our customer orientation reflects intimacy, integrity and learning.

We continuously seek and develop new business, employing state-of-the-art methods to retain our market leadership.

We are a large organisation, working together to deliver the best products and services to our valuable customers and stakeholders. To achieve this, we demonstrate teamwork, respect and meritocracy.

We thrive on being leaders in our business, markets and communities. To drive this we focus on continuous improvement, partnership and professionalism.