Audit Services

SAYA-audit professionals take the time to understand your business and can identify risks and opportunities, and are constantly looking for ways to help you improve your business performance.

Our services include, among others:

Audit of financial statements – Supported by advanced technology, including the proprietary AuditSystem/2 software, we provide a superior approach that combines a rigorous risk and needs analysis, diagnostic processes, and assessment of the client services we provide. In addition to ensuring a comprehensive, consistent and cost effective audit, this approach gives us a deep understanding of your processes and systems. Deloitte audit teams, rather than concentrating all their efforts on an intensive year-end procedure, undertake extensive procedures throughout the entire year.

Understanding your business and goals – In order to provide the best services to our clients, when we start our engagements we undertake a thorough assessment of financial reporting and operational risks and of the economic and financial information prepared by your company. Our team gathers and analyzes information to identify trends, risks and opportunities. Based on our findings we will present to, and agree with our clients, our audit plan for value.

Testing and performing diagnostics – We apply an array of special techniques, including our specialized technology tool, AuditSystem/2 (AS/2), to design an audit approach that is tailored to your industry. AS/2 allows for electronic transfer of information throughout the world and helps us access and bring to you the very best practices being utilized in your industry.

SAYA’s Enterprise Risk Services specialists focus on internal control requirements and, with your participation, our team will anticipate, understand and take appropriate action to avoid unnecessary risks.

Assessing our performance: We are convinced that clear communication is vital to a successful client relationship and seek continuous feedback on our performance. We perform a formal annual review of our performance with our clients’ management every year, where we compare the services delivered against the strategies and objectives of our audit plan for value.