The cocoa pulp production almost always follows incipient methods. The pulp is still considered a by-product of cocoa and a few fruit producers are interested in extracting it, as this implies a commitment to properly processing of the cocoa almond, notably the fermentation step.

Believing in the increasing consumption of pulp, the logic in our production is inverted.. All cocoa that we produce is primarily intended to the extraction of the pulp, resulting in an exponential leap in quality and food safety, as the whole fruits are shipped in our factory to the pulping process.

When prioritizing the production of almonds, the pulp may have impaired its quality since its extraction usually occurs in open sky, even in the orchard.

Cocoa stimulates the release of endorphins and the elevation of the mood, thanks to the biogenic amines. It’s one of the best foods with great impact on mood, essential for the production of serotonin, besides stimulating the release of endrominas.