International Trade

Experience, Knowledge, Connections

The current economic conditions, and what is expected for the foreseeable future, point to a sustained increase in foreign trade transactions, which will turn it into one of the most important vehicles for the economic recovery and sustained growth and profitability of many companies.

Deloitte’s International Trade consulting practice provides practical, feasible and concrete solutions to the challenges that our clients may encounter in their foreign trade operations, collection flow and international payments, or compliance with the Argentine Central Bank regulations. We will provide a timely response to our clients concerns in accordance with their needs.

We provide our clients access to telephone and electronic help desk services that analyze current regulations and respond to questions regarding operations, and provide continuous update on new rules and regulations and their implementation.

Our services include:

  • Maximizing foreign commerce procedures and follow-up, interpretation and support in the efficient implementation of foreign commerce regulations.
  • Internal audit assistance regarding the operations and administration of foreign trade and identification of inefficiencies towards maximizing commercial operations based on the current norms and actualizations.
  • Efficient support in the presentations, reports and follow-up with the respective authorities.
  • Follow-up on administrative, contentious, or judicial cases before Customs authorities.

International services:

  • Advice on international regulations
  • Certification
  • Marketing studies
  • Business contacts and appointments
  • Specialized and thorough search of agents or representatives
  • Assistance to enterprises in the development of international, bilateral, regional or multilateral business opportunities