Off air GSM interception

Nowadays so called “off air GSM interception systems” or also known as “IMSI-catchers” are available. These systems are usually hidden into a van and capable of intercepting and decoding GSM calls. In order to detect the presence of an (illegal) off-air GSM interception system, DigiVox has developed  SPECTROSCAN.

SPECTROSCAN is build up out of SPECTROSCAN GSM-basestation (bts) scanners and a central SPECTROSCAN analysis server. The SPECTROSCAN bts-scanners permanently scan the GSM basestation (2G / 3G) activity, present in the area to be secured.

The collected  GSM basestation data is automatically forwarded to the SPECTROSCAN central analysis server for real time analysis. Once an off-air GSM interception system is becoming active, a change in the GSM basestation activity will be detected by the SPECTROSCAN analysis server and an alarm will be generated.

SPECTROSCAN has a fully passive operating mode and is therefore undetectable.

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Embassies,  governmental agencies & multinational companies