SAYA SRS Customizable Registry Server Software

Empowering our clients

We have over 20 years of software development experience in the area of Internetdomain management platforms and we strive to achieve the best for our clients: develop, empower, enable, and maintain.



The SAYA Shared Registry System Platform (SRS) has been developed with the business and its users in mind. A modern approach to domain management which focuses on the essentials: domains, user experience, and financial tools. The responsive web application can be used from your office, your home, and even on the road, supporting desktop computers, the convenience of any tablet or mobile smart phone.

The SRS platform comes with four integrated modules which cover all business needs:

  1. The production SRS software, including a Whois server
  2. An Operational Testing Environment (OTE) for easy on-boarding of new registrars
  3. A database management system
  4. An authoritative name server

With its state of the art packaging method, future updates are a breeze.

The SAYA SRS Platform is a highly configurable, EPP-enabled registry server software. Ease of use, ease of

administration, good customer communication, and a pleasant user experience are the basis for a business’s success. Our server software meets the technical standards as set forth by ICANN, as well as the Internet Engineering Task Force IETF. The importance of legal compliance to data protection regulations is reflected in the configurability of the Whois server.


With Baiamedia well-known excellent support, we will make sure that your business needs are met at all times. Our response times are setting industry-leading standards. System-inherent errors will be resolved in the shortest time possible. Due to the SRS Platform’s easy update mechanism, No need for any remote access to its customers’ servers, unless desired by the customer, to resolve any kind of problem.


SAYA Sarl, offers installation support free of charge. You will receive a detailed migration plan from SAYA SARL which will help to reduce the installation time.

Migration plan, non-productive installation for training purposes

SAYA SARL will offer training to employees free of charge. The training will be held in the English language, and will take place online via communication tools such as Skype or Zoom or similar.

Installation in the production environment

we will offer support through online communication tools and email.

Error Resolution

we will fix any software error in the shortest time possible. Mistakes in the use of this software will be mitigated by further training.


SAYA  Registry  SRS Platform