The SAYA Self-Sovereign Identity System

The SAYA Self-Sovereign Identity System targets all entities or organizations that benefit from verifiable credentials. Governments, Health Authorities, Health Insurances, or Financial Institutions are only a few examples of a wide array of customers. End-Users receive credentials which are issued by authoritative entities and are able to present them to relevant recipients. Users are in full control of their data and determine what part of data to share (thus, “self-sovereign”). The SAYA SSI system is fully GDPR compliant.

What are verifiable credentials?

A credential is e.g. a passport, a national ID card, a driving license, a health insurance card etc. Any document which is immutable and presents information about a person which is potentially relevant to other authorities or organisations can be regarded as a credential. Nowadays, credentials are verified by their appearance. For essential credentials like passports, many technical tricks are used to prove the originality of the document, such as UV watermarks, special papers and plastics etc. causing high production costs. In the digital world, a credential can be proven to be authentic by cryptographic methods. A traceable chain of trust from the credential to its issuer will be established to prove its originality. This method is not only tamper-proof due to the underlying strong cryptography and blockchain technology, but also faster and more cost-effective.