The SAYA SSI system is based on Open Source Software infrastructure such as Hyperledger Indy and the Hyperledger Aries framework. Utilizing modern Blockchain technology and strong cryptography makes this system resilient against cyber-criminals. All information is stored using cryptographic methods to encrypt data.

By the use of asymmetric key pairs, i.e. a combination of a private key and a public key that are tied together, signed credentials can easily be verified to be issued by the right authority and to belong to the person it claims to be. Falsifying credentials, manipulating credentials, or impersonating other identities is not possible.

The underlying Hyperledger Indy software is a distributed ledger technology focused on identity management. From Indy’s documentation:

Indy uses open-source, distributed ledger technology. These ledgers are a form of database that is provided cooperatively by a pool of participants, instead of by a giant database with a central admin. Data lives redundantly in many places, and it accrues in transactions orchestrated by many machines.

Strong, industry-standard cryptography protects it. Best practices in key management and cybersecurity pervade its design. The result is a reliable