The Vehicle Tracking system offers real time tracking of target vehicles, live recording of audio and forwarding of in-car conversations and  picture snapshots.

Observation team officers can track target vehicle movements remotely on their smartphones/tablets, listen live to in-car conversations and even view pictures of people entering the target vehicle.

The Vehicle Tracking system consists out of  Vehicle Tracking “matchbox” sized TPA units, Vehicle Tracking central server software and Vehicle Tracking smartphone/tablet applications (support for Android/Blackberry/iPhone).

A waterproof enclosure with magnets is available for the TPA units for quick external attachment to a target vehicle in case internal access is not an option.

Connectivity between Vehicle Tracking TPA units, central server and smartphones/tablets is end-to-end encrypted.  The  Vehicle Tracking TPA units are centrally managed by the Vehicle Tracking server and do not need any manual intervention for daily operation.

The Vehicle Tracking is centrally managed and can be used as standalone system or integrated into the observation center. Existing third party GPS tracking units may also be integrated.

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Law enforcement & intelligence observation teams